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3D Casting...

   Hand and feet casts are a great way to capture a time in our lives such as a new member of the family, a wedding or an anniversary.  Be it parents holding their child's hand, your children holding each other's hands or the whole family together, they are really beautiful keepsakes.


Our casts are taken from yours or child’s actual hands and feet by using a child friendly moulding compound. Once set, your child’s hand or foot slides out completely safely. We then turn this impression into a 3D casting and your baby feet and baby hands into a very detailed, real life sized plaster castings. Your baby’s hands and feet can take between 3-4 weeks to dry out. Only then are they hand finished, painted and waxed to be framed in one of our lovely deep box frames, complete with an engraved plaque.


2D Outprints...

Our beautiful collection of Raised Outprints capture a fantastically detailed 2 dimensional impression of your child's hands and feet, or even your pet paws.  All of our 2D prints are hand-crafted and individually hand-painted, with your choice of colour and finish, to highlight and reveal those lovely little wrinkles and creases.


We offer a range of choices, from individual hand or foot prints, to sibling, family sets, or pets - to capture those special family relationships at a moment in time.

2 prints in a black or white box frame, with engraved plaque - £75

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