Jackrabbits Pottery

Paint your own pottery studio

Call us on 0113 318 9315

We are open! Call to book

We do have a few restrictions that you can read here - thank you for your patience and support.

Making a booking:

One household/bubble per table; please do not arrange to meet friends at Jackrabbits. We’ll be able to do this again one day, but not yet. Do not make a booking if you, or anyone you have been in contact with, has any symptoms of COV-19.

  • Strictly time-limited sessions:
  • · 2 hours on weekdays
  • · 1hr 45minutes at weekends

The session time includes time to get seated, choose your pottery, have a talk through, for us to take your details, and for you to make payment. The whole session will not be spent painting – please bear time limitations in mind when choosing what to paint.

As our capacity is now limited, we are temporarily introducing a £7 charge for people that want to return to finish an item on another occasion.

Print bookings: are available, although on a limited basis. Please be certain to let us know if you want to do hand/footprints.

Coming to the studio:

Please queue outside, observing social distancing. Our staff will come to you as soon as possible.

We are offering a full “at table” service, where you will choose pottery from a printed menu and we will bring items to your table. Please stay at your table.

CARD ONLY: We are not taking cash, please make sure you have a card to make payment.

We will ask people to make payment one table at a time – our staff will let you know when to pay.

Measures we’ve put in place:

  • We have fewer tables, much further apart to ensure responsible social distancing.
  • The studio will be empty of customers between sessions, allowing us to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of tables, chairs, tools, and paints.
  • Cotton towels have been replaced with paper towels.
  • Our staff members are wearing masks.
  • We have hand sanitisers that will be frequently-used by staff, and a “sneeze-guard” to separate customers and staff at the till.
  • For the moment we will not be offering party packages, Tots & Pots sessions, or Late Nights.