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Is pottery painting just for artists?

Frequently Asked Questions


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Do I need to book?

How much time does it take?

How much does it cost?

Can I come in a group?

Do you have a room to hire for parties?

Can I bring my own food?

When do I get my pottery items?

This depends on several things including how big the item is, how detailed a design you are painting, and how quickly you paint. You can take as much or as little time as you need, some take only 30 minutes, some take 2 hours.  We try to capture hand and footprints as quickly as possible, so little ones don't have to sit for a long time.

Will the paint damage my clothes?

Can I pay by card?

Can I park nearby?

What if there are firing problems?

Certainly not. While artists can come and create works of art (and we have lots of special tools for people who are so inclined), pottery painting is suitable for all ages and abilities. The aim is to relax, enjoy yourself, be creative and have something to show for it at the end.  We have many tools to help you along, as well as expert advice from our staff.

The cost varies depending on which plain pottery item you select to paint. We hold a selection of over 100 items that range in price from £2 - £36, so there really is something for everyone!

Yes of course. Pottery painting can be enjoyed either by yourself or with a group of friends. We would definitely recommend booking if you are a group, to make sure we can fit you all in at the same time and around the same tables!

It is necessary to book a session at weekends and in school holidays to avoid disappointment.  At other times, we often have tables available.. however we would still recommend giving us a quick call to either book in or see if we’ve got space for you to pop down.

For baby hand and footprints, it is always necessary to book.

You are welcome to bring food along when booking our party room. We also have snacks and drinks available to buy. We respectfully ask that people do not bring their own food or drink into the studio - unless it is for their babies.

Yes we have an exclusive room available to hire for parties, we can help you to choose a package that suits your requirements.

We glaze and fire each pot on a firing schedule and aim to have everyone’s pot available for collection within a week of painting.  *Please note that at busy times of year, such as Christmas and Father's Day, the waiting time may be extended due to high demand, please book early to avoid disappointment. We then keep uncollected painted items for 2 months.

We provide protective aprons for our visitors, despite all of our paints being water based and non-toxic, meaning they will wash out of clothing without causing damage.

Yes, we are equipped to take payments by card and cash, however we do not accept cheques.

Yes - there is free parking on either side of Roundhay Road, both on- and off-street.

Unfortunately, there is a small risk that your pottery item may be damaged in the firing process. This is usually because pottery can have small faults which can only be seen after they have been through the firing process.  Although this is beyond our control, we fully understand how disappointing it can be, so it is our policy to give you the option of a full refund, or another visit to the studio to paint the same item again, free of charge.

Is pottery painting just for artists?

What if I'm only visiting Leeds?

If you are just visiting Leeds, and still want to visit Jackrabbits, we will be happy to post your finished items to  you.  The cost will depend on the size, weight and shape of your items.

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

We do indeed sell gift vouchers, as we think they are a great present for a new baby or a painting treat.   They are available in denominations of £5, from £10 upwards.


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